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The most important item to express to our customers and fans is that we are a family owned company. No CEO...no managers but a couple with children who wanted to change the image of the scary ice cream truck people. Yes, we have seen them too! But we have spent countless hours on our idea, concept and of course - the trucks. We started way before the new food truck revolution! We were attending car show events and there had never been anything refreshing to eat while admiring all the cool cars. In addition, we were always a bit fearful of certain ice cream trucks due to several factors - cleanliness, operators, and demeanor. So we decided to come up with a different spin on the old ice cream truck...one that always puts a smile on everyone's face! We first decided on the eye-piercing green color then had a wild idea of adding hydraulics to the truck. Next, a booming sound system was added and it continued from there with green neon lighting underneath and LED lights inside. We take pride in our trucks and are always coming up with new ideas to add to the event. We have already retired the original Mean Green truck and the second one - an old Firehouse truck that was wrapped in black matte covering. We now run with two cube style trucks for the best experience.


So how did the Mean Green Ice Cream Machine start out? Just like any other original Good Humor ice cream truck. A 1975 model was purchased and had seen better days with years of use on it. But under the rolled-on white house paint was a strong 'machine' that had served for over 30 years. Using an actual ice cream truck made by Chevrolet and International from the factory was one of the most important decisions made. But like all good things, they come to an end and the original truck was retired.

Here is some info on the start of the original truck which began the whole company and has since been retired. Many companies use old postal vans, delivery trucks and other types of vans retrofitted to be an ice cream truck. Ours is an original Good Humor truck meant for mobile ice cream treats.

The 'Machine' was sanded down to bare metal and brought back to life with a bright green paint. Many of the holes, rust and problem areas were addressed which resulted in a fantastic look. We almost did not want to add the graphics to detract from the awesome paint!

Professionally designed artwork added to the look of the 'Machine' with logos and graphics. A customized sound system was also added along with many mechanical upgrades to make the 'machine' operate in top shape. But this was not nearly enough. Inspired by lowriders everywhere, the truck underwent a transformation with hydraulics installed allowing it to bounce around the neighborhood. People stare in amazement as to seeing an old ice cream truck with hydraulics!

See what the hydraulics can do? People cannot help but watch the truck as it glides around in many different configurations: front up, rear up, pancake, see-saw, and side to side. Ten switches operate the hydraulics...ask us to show you a little demo or check out the Channel 4 news video on the right side of the page showing us in action.

Are you ready for the coolest Nashville ice cream truck rentals 'machine' to show up at your event? Call us now - (615) 212-5151.


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